My weight is up slightly this morning. As my period is going to be here any second now, I’m not going to worry about it currently. If my weight is still high next week, I’ll do something.

Last week I averaged 8K steps per day, which I’m kind of surprised by. I’d figured it would be less.

I had been walking 10K steps every day. It felt good, and I knew my body liked my walking that much. Managed that M-Th.

Then on Friday, I blew my right knee out again. I have a cyst at the back of my knee that occasionally fills with fluid. I’m not sure what causes it. But Friday the cyst filled and my knee swelled up to twice its normal size. Didn’t walk a lot either Friday or Saturday. By Sunday, the cyst had drained again, and so I’m able to wear a brace on my knee.

I’m hoping that after a few days of diligently wearing my brace, I’ll be able to start walking 10K steps per day again. I’m not going to push it, though. If it takes a full week to heal, so be it. So we’ll see what I manage for steps for this week.

I wrote 11K words last week, which, yay! Because of the marathon, I wrote 102K words for the month of October.

I had written over 500K words by November 1. Part of the reason why I did the marathon in October was to get me on track with my annual goal, which is 600K for the year.

That means I have to write 50K in both November and December. As that’s my normal goal, I’m feeling pretty good about actually making my annual goal this year. (Fingers crossed that my health doesn’t tank.) As we’re not going anywhere for the holidays, I’ll hopefully spend more time writing. We’ve done that before – spending the three days after Thanksgiving just writing and eating leftovers.

This morning I’m incorporating my first reader’s comments on the first space opera novel that I wrote a couple months ago. I plan on just taking three days on those, then starting the next space opera novel. Kind of looking forward to it. Writer brain has already started talking to me about what happens with Judit and the others.

This coming Friday, we have our annual corporate meeting. Normally we’d dress up and go someplace fancy for dinner. This year, we’re having a you-bake pizza and doing the meeting in the living room. We’re actually going to set up a table and be official and all like that.

As Knotted Road Press is a C-corp, I need to take minutes at the meeting, write those up, and file them with the state. I’ve already started looking at some of the tax stuff I need to do as well. Would like to get that finished earlier this year.

So what about you? Are you taking care of yourself this week? Do you have a plan for how to survive the rest of the year? Me – I’m looking forward to this week being over.

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