Starting on Monday, I’m going to be doing a writing marathon. I’ve done several of these, general about two per year.

My goal for a writing marathon is always 10K words per day, as well as 10K steps per day.

The biggest difference is that I’m doing this from home this time. And this concerns me.

I will admit that I’m a bit worried about it. I’ve done what I can to set myself up for success. I’ve cooked a lot today (Sunday) so I really won’t have to worry about food. I have a supportive spouse who will be looking after the kitty all week.

Another thing I’m worried about is that I’m breaking my own rule and will be writing a book one in a series. Normally, I write books two or three. The only other time I tried writing a book one I ended up redrafting the entire novel.

But this is an epic fantasy novel series that I’m starting, and I kind of have a clue how to do them. (I’ve written three trilogies worth at this point). I’ve also spent a lot of time figuring out the world. I have written the creation myths for all four races, and this morning I just figured out their burial/death rites. I have names for all the major characters and places.

I just have to start writing the silly thing. Normally starting a new novel doesn’t make me anxious, but for all of the reasons listed above, this one has.

So what other sort of prep did I do today? I got a pie pumpkin and broke it down, so I can have pumpkin for breakfast a few days next week. (Am planning on making a pumpkin chia seed pudding later this evening.) Once the seeds dry, I’ll have pumpkin seeds to munch on.

I went grocery shopping and I got all the salad fixings I’ll need for the week. I baked myself a package of chicken thighs (turned out to be six of them in the package this time) so I can just heat those up. I have tuna, fake cheese, and fake noodles, and will assemble that together. Breakfasts are all set: I have enough bacon-liver pate to last me. As well as enough bone broth.

I’ve cleared everything off my plate as well as I can. I will finish setting up everything in the tiny house tonight.

So tomorrow, I can get up early (ugh) and start to write. I’m giving myself two hours after the alarm goes off before I start writing. And I’m expecting the first day to be slower than usual.

But I’d really like to write between 5-6000 words in the morning, before the check in at noon. I’ll take a long break at that point, not getting back to the writing for an hour or two, before I settle in and work all afternoon.

Will all of this work? I hope so. I hope my health is up for it. I hope my brain can compartmentalize the writing with the being at home. I hope the other people doing the virtual writing week will encourage me, because I know I’ll need that, particularly since I’m writing on my own.

And I guess that’s the other thing that makes me nervous – will I get the support I need? Once I figure out what I need, I’ll be able to ask for it. But this is, in many ways, something completely new.

Wish me luck!

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