Last week, I neither gained or lost weight. This isn’t surprising. While on the one hand, I was more active last week, on the other hand, I snacked more. So I count this as a win.

I was partaking in a virtual writing marathon last week. In addition to the novel, I wrote some blog posts and a Medium post so I did just over 60K words. I’m still tired today, but that might just be because I had a horrible allergy attack yesterday and I’m congested this morning. Or I might have a slight cold. May or may not write fiction, but I have another Medium article to write, as well as something for the Milestone publishing newsletter that Blaze sends out every month.

As part of the marathon, I walked A LOT last week. There was only one day when I did less than 10K. However, I averaged nearly 11K per day, even with that short day.

Because this is an accountability blog, I am going to have to admit that my body actually prefers 10K steps per day. I had been thinking that 7K steps was enough. However, I can tell the difference, and I do better at 10K steps per day, dang it!

There were several good things to come from the virtual writing marathon, not just starting and finishing a novel.

As I’d hoped, the marathon really got me back into the habit of writing every day, regardless. Or at least back into that mindset. Even though I’m somewhat fuzzy around the edges today, I’m still going to write.

I stood for most of the time while I was writing. I fell back into my usual pattern of standing most of the morning, and sitting about half the time in the afternoon. It’s so much better for me to stand almost all day. My back and hips thank me for it.

The routine I had while doing the marathon is really the routine that I want to maintain. Only I’m not going to get up every morning at 6 anymore. That’s just too early for me. I have set my alarm for 7 AM though.

I have not had a regular alarm set for over a decade, possibly two. For the longest time, I’d just wake up early and go. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened in a while, now. If I want to write in the morning, I need to get up earlier on a regular basis.

I did a full yoga routine every morning, about 45 minutes. That, too, was really good for me. Even though I call it a yoga routine, I do a lot of other things in addition to the yoga. For example, I’m back to doing 20 push ups every morning, and they’re easy again. I do squats, and dead bug, and a balance pose and other things, just trying to stay in shape.

And I think that’s about it for today. Time to do other writing! How strong are your routines?

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