Bear! Rocks indicate where the bird feeder had been. Other circle is where feeder was dragged to.

Weight is a little high this morning. I figure that’s due to a combination of things, like the absolutely amazing apple-quince crumble that I made and ate a lot of, as well as the fact that my period started this morning. (Yay?)

I had no symptoms before my period started. Just kind of came out of the blue. Fortunately, am doing pretty well today. A bit tired, but I mostly have brain.

Even though I only got 10K steps once last week, I averaged 9K per day. I’m happy about that. It’s one of the joys of starting to read again. Yesterday, I didn’t go outside the house after about 3 PM. Changed out of jeans into sweatpants. Still got in all of my steps, in part because I just picked up my kindle and started walking around the house. I love being able to do that, to read and walk, and that’s one of the ways I’ll get in steps once it really starts raining again.

I wrote over 15K last week. I know that’s been my official goal, but there have been very few weeks that I’ve achieved it. For September, I only managed 40K for the month. My daily average is 1400 for the year. Probably won’t make 600K for the year. Will get pretty close, maybe 550K.

One of the reasons I’m so pleased about my word count for last week is that though I never actually did 3K any one day, I still managed to chunk out some words every day. And that might become my current goal. Instead of trying to get a couple days off per week by writing 3K per day, stick with 2K, and just write more days. Work all the days I can, because there will be days when I don’t have brain, when I cannot write.

We had a bear come and visit last night. One of the bird feeders is down. The bear also batted around the composter, but didn’t get into it. The pictures shows where the feeder ended up after being dragged, as well as where it had started off, the pile of rocks that had been around the base of it.

The bear managed to actually open the suet feeder this time, instead of tearing it off the feeder and disappearing with it. However, other things broke. Will take me a bit to get that feeder back up and operational again.

So now, I’m going to go write some fiction. Not sure how well I’ll do – the walls have been closing in while I wrote this. It’s a strange, awful, yet familiar feeling, that sensation of my brain dribbling away. Fortunately (?) it happens often enough that I have faith that it’s just temporary. I also have switched my thinking from bemoaning what I can’t do to thinking about what I can do. Good thing I have a bunch of editing to do.

How about you? How easy is it to switch gears and go from plan A to plan Lemonade?

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