The Alvin Goodfellow Case Files, Now Available!

YAY! I have a new book coming out today! The Alvin Goodfellow Case Files!

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a novel, though it is novel length, almost 60K words.

These stories are from the point of view of a 1930s-style detective who lives on the moon. Of course he has a ray gun. And you can go out onto the surface of the Moon just by putting on a fishbowl helmet. There is still a dark side of the Moon as well.

Alvin is a good guy – or at least stays bought. His office is located in one of the seedier warrens of the Moon so he will get the more interesting cases. The cops are corrupt. And there are bigger, better things headed Alvin’s way.

These stories have a grit to them, but also a heart. As well as some wild SF, such as the mutants who live in the tunnels under Luna City, or what actually generates the air for the Moon warrens.

It’s a fun ride. You should go and get yourself a copy!

Here’s the blurb:

“Alvin Goodfellow
PI to the stars
The best you’ll find
On the Moon, Venus, or Mars…”

Or at least that is how the jingle goes for the ads Alvin constantly runs on the radio.

In actuality, Alvin’s Private Investigation company works out of a single office, deep in the warrens on the Moon. One of the reasons he stays there is because that location makes him accessible to all kinds of folks, people who bring him the strangest of cases.

Like the time he tracked down the mutants who live in the tunnels under the city. Or when he discovered how Central actually manufactures air. Or even such a mundane thing as a bank robbery, committed by ray gun-toting nuns.

Collected together for the first time, The Alvin Goodfellow Case Files, Volume One brings all of these stories into a single volume. Enjoy a 1930s-style PI set on the Moon, with ray guns, mutants, green-skinned aliens, corrupt cops, and a smart-ass narrator who has seen it all, done it all, and yet continues to try to make his corner of the universe a little better.

Available at your favorite retailers!

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