September Plants

I figure it’s been a while since I did one of these. I walked around the property the last few days taking pictures of what’s growing. I am posting some of them here. I should take a few more pictures, in particular, the pear trees and a more up to date picture of the grapes.

I’m starting with my mutant primroses. Most primroses have nice, neat little flowers nestled among the leaves. Not mine. Nope, they’re on these HUGE stalks. But I’m delighted that they’re blooming!

This is a commercial, hybrid, hot house rose. I planted it on the hill next to the feral roses. It took a while for it establish itself. It’s much happier now, and will start putting out beautiful red roses.


These are the calendula marigolds that I grew from seeds. I am not harvesting them this year. I’m hoping that the flowers will reseed themselves and come back next year.

We planted wildflowers in a different part of the yard this year. They’ve taken a long time to bloom. Hopefully they, too, will come back next year.

Here’s a picture of just SOME of the honeycrisp apples that have grown this year. The entire tree is covered in apples like this. We’ll be harvesting them in the next couple of weeks.

I actually took this picture a couple of weeks ago. Almost all of the grapes are now a deep purple color. The vines are finally mature and we watered enough so I think we’ll be getting more grapes every year.

We planted both plums and Asian pears this year, and both trees have fruited. We don’t have a lot, but wow. Do they taste amazing.

This is the first year the quince tree has been mature enough to fruit. We currently have four quinces on the tree. They started growing straight up and down. Now, they’ve slowly started to droop. Figure we’ll harvest them in the next couple of weeks as well.

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