This is one of those posts with lots of pictures. You’ve been warned!

Before we harvested our quinces, one of the local farm stands announced on their Facebook page that they had quinces. So we bought four in order to experiment with them before we harvested and started using ours.

Traditionally, marmalade used to always be made with quinces. Making marmalade from oranges didn’t happen until much later.

The recipe was pretty simple.

4 quinces

4 cups of water

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1 T of orange zest

The original called for 4 cups of sugar, but that would be way too sweet for us, so I cut the sugar in half.

I grated the quince using my food processor, then put the quince and the water into my instant pot. I cooked them for 10 minutes on high pressure to soften the quince.

Then I put the quince into a pan and added the sugar slowly. Boiled off the liquid until the jam “set.” As quince has a high amount of pectin, so it sets without adding any.

The marmalade turns a really pretty pink color – kind of reminds me of the pink flowers of the tree.

So here are pictures of the process!

Our quince tree, for the first time, is mature enough to actually have fruit this year. The flowers were really pretty and pink.

Quince flowers from this past May.

Here’s one of the fruit, mid-way through the summer. As they matured, they continued to droop as well as change color, from green to golden yellow.

Here are the four quinces from our tree!

Pretty pink cooked quince!

Quince marmalade in jars, ready to be canned.

We did “redneck” canning, as usual. Put the firmly closed jars into the dishwasher. Put it on sanitize with heated dry. This will seal the jars, and they should be good for at least a year.