Accountability Sep 7

Weight has remained the same, which I take as a win.

In terms of writing, was close to 12K words last week, again, another win. Finished a novel and started a new short story. Plus wrote some other things, took a chance on something and it didn’t work out. Things happen.

Only went above 10K steps two days last week, but my average daily steps was 9.3K, so I figure that’s good enough. Particularly since my weight is stable.

We had a visitor last night. I know, social distancing, isolation, yada. They did stay in the yard, didn’t come into the house. But they were rude guests!

Heard whatever it was about 5:15 AM, clanging the garbage cans. Figured it was a raccoon. Woke up this morning to find that both of my bird feeders had been knocked over. The pole on the one was snapped into two pieces.

We’re assuming it was probably a bear. One of the things that points to that is the fact that the suet feed that was hanging on the pole that was broken is missing. The chain that held it to the pole was broken into several pieces.

We’re figuring that the bear reached up and grabbed the suet feeder, then pulled it down, braking the pole along the way.

Amazingly enough, the glass hummingbird feeder did NOT break. Landed on something soft and is whole. The feeder holding the cayenne spiced sunflower seeds is broken. Nothing ate the seeds that were left on the ground. I figure if a bear did try them, it didn’t like them much.

So later today, I’m going to go buy a new bird feeder pole. And one new bird feeder. Not an expense I was planning on.

What sorts of unexpected expenses have you had recently?

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