At last! I’ve been working on this for a year. Finally, I get to tell you all about MCM – Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem – the new mystery magazine that I started!

Of course, I can’t run a magazine all on my own. I’m using the same model that my sweetie uses for the science fiction magazine that he edits – Boundary Shock Quarterly. I have a Syndicate of writers who have agreed to write at least two stories a year out of four issues. The issues are all themed. Some of them are pretty tight in a genre, such as issue #1, Private Eyes. Others are much broader, such as issue #2, Thieves.

I have some absolutely amazing writers who have signed up for this craziness. Their generosity, and their stories, have astonished me.

SO many good stories!

Now, I wasn’t about to give you issue #1 and then leave you hanging. Nope, for this first year, and this big announcement, you can find the first THREE issues already available! I already have the stories on hand for issue #4, (Sins of the Father) which will come out mid-November.

PRIVATE EYES, Issue #1: I was able to sweet-talk the formidable Geoff Simon ( into giving me an essay for the inaugural issue. He is a forensics expert. His non-fiction books are great too.

THIEVES, Issue #2: What can I say? I have a soft spot for tales of theft. And there are some interesting thefts that take place in this issue.

THE CHASE BEGINS, Issue #3. All of the issues were planned before May 2020. Many of the stories were written before then as well. But the George Floyd riots changed crime fiction forever, hopefully for the better. That’s reflected in this issue.

I invite you to come and join us on this remarkable venture. MCM is available at all reputable – and some disreputable – retailers.

So Criminal, It’s Good.

Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem