Turning a Corner

I’m only now starting to realize just how sick I’ve been with the tooth – first with the infection, then the extraction, then dealing with the aftermath of the extraction.

Basically, I was sick for three weeks, not working at full capacity. Ouch. But I’m better now. So much better now.

I was grouchy one day this week. I’d had enough of the pandemic. I just wanted to be able to go to a coffee shop and write. Or maybe go out and have a nice meal with my sweetie. Yada.

I do understand that I am playing Apocalypse 2020 on the easiest fucking level there is. Seriously. I’m not stuck in a 400 square foot apartment with a husband and three kids, breathing my neighbor’s air. No, I have a tiny house I get to live in during the week, as well as the main house, and 6.5 acres of woodlands.

As I said – easiest level possible for this pandemic.

I still got grouchy one day this week. That’s allowed. I mourned my old life. A lot.

I believe it was the next day, I updated my business board. I figured out what tasks I’m doing for July, August, and September.

I’m not filling the board with anywhere near as many items as I used to when I was wildly optimistic, say, back in January. No, it’s kind of the minimum needed to keep the business running. I also understand that my minimum is going to seem gargantuan to other people. This is my business, and I’m me.

Somewhere during that time, I feel as though I turned a corner in terms of my thinking/feeling about the pandemic.

It’s been about four months since we started this situation, basically lock down. I’m a little more relaxed about things, but for the most part, I am still trying to only go shopping once a week, limiting my trips and exposure to others.

At this point, I figure we’re at least another six months pretty much in this exact same situation. Maybe things will change come the new year. But it might honestly be a year before we figure out what the new normal is.

So – I know how to operate now. What I’m doing and how to do it. I feel as though I can finally really start to make good progress at this point, that I can move ahead and do all the business things that I haven’t been doing.

Talking with my sweetie about it – he hadn’t realized there was a corner, or that he needed to go around it. But he’s kind of at the same juncture I am.

So I thought I’d blog about this – to see if others are at the same point, or have passed their corner, or if you see it coming up. What do you think? Where are you in terms of your pandemic thinking/feeling?

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