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Yay! I’m part of a new story bundle! The theme is near and dear to my heart – the Magic, Monsters, and Myth bundle.

While I write all over the map, my first love has always been fantasy. Also, though I write and read all sorts of fantasy, I have a special place in my heart for myths and fairy tales. The first short story I ever sold professional was a retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story, “The Red Shoes.” (Only she was a country-western dancer, so it was “The Red Boots.”)

The original myths are not pretty. They were very much a product of their times, with racial slurs and stereotypes galore. They may only bear a vague relationship to the Disney version.

But they were real, and they told a truth that I think is important even today.

The books in this bundle vary as well. You have retelling of myths, with Kristine Grayson and Dayle A. Dermatis. My story is also something of a retelling, though it’s a reimagining of “London Bridges Falling Down.” Thorn’s book as well.

Then there are hidden creatures, like in Chrissy’s book, Dean’s, Loren’s, or Stefon’s. Plus there are collections of short stories! Like “Tavern Tales,” “Shadowrun – Drawing Destiny” and from Uncollected Anthology, Issue Twenty-One: Deities. (And yes, I have a short story in that one as well!)

Why should you be interested in a bunch of myths? Seriously, the world is hard right now. Even if you’re playing the plague game on the easy level it still gets hard some days.

Delving deeply into a different world offers an escape from what’s currently going on.

And really, I think these days that’s extra important.

But wait! In addition to getting eleven books at a very low price, we’re also supporting a charity, Able Gamers. Being able to delve into the world of gaming is also a great escape, and Able Gamers makes it possible for people with disabilities to game.

Like many good things though, this story bundle is only here for a short while. So get your copy today!

(And yes, I will be doing a BOGO in a week or so…)

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