As y’all may or may not recall, I tend not to take anything for my headaches or migraines. Particularly since it turned out that my prescription migraine medication was what was causing all my migraines in the first place.

In addition, I’d been fairly reliant on aspirin. I had weaned myself off of that when I weaned myself off the migraine drugs, and have never taken any again, not since mid-2017.

Why not take aspirin? There was a chance that taking a single aspirin would end up giving me a migraine. That was what had happened to other people with migraines, once they’d stopped taking aspirin. Plus, all aspirin is made with corn starch, and I’m allergic to corn.

Well – almost all. Goodies powdered aspirin is not made from corn starch. It’s about as pure a form as you can get.

I’ve been curious whether or not I could take aspirin. I’ve really wished I could take an OTC anti-inflammatory more than once over the years. (Can’t take Ibuprofen either, as that will actually kill me.)

However, as I could only get Goodies on the Internet, I didn’t want to order a box, then find out I couldn’t take it.

A couple weeks ago, I found Goodies at my local Safeway. I figured why not, particularly since it was on sale.

But I was also cautious. Didn’t want to end up with a migraine.

This week, I got a really bad headache. It was a headache, not a migraine. The primary differences are placement and secondary effects. For me, a migraine occurs on one side or the other of my head, and there are always secondary effects, like light stabs my eyes and I get bad tinnitus.

This was merely a really bad headache that lasted for more than 24 hours.

The problem is that any bad headache that lasts a long time will eventually transform into a migraine. I could feel this one starting to slide to the side, and light was just beginning to hurt my eyes.

Well, fuck.

I figured now was the perfect time to try my Goodies powders. I was already heading toward a migraine. Either this would push me over the edge, or it would help with the headache.

Low and behold – the powders took down the headache!

I won’t take the Goodies powders often. I’ve gotten used to not taking anything.

However, it’s really, really nice to have that option again. Particularly as we head into summer and I’m doing a lot of yard work. Having the ability to take an anti-inflammatory is going to be really nice.

What do you take for pain? Occasionally I’ll take Tylenol for menstrual cramps, but that’s been about it for years.