Supposedly I gained a smidgen of weight. However, as I over ate yesterday, and my period is here, I’m not actually counting it. Or paying that much attention to it.

Because, yes! Period arrived. Exactly 28 days from the last one.

*le sigh*

I keep hoping this thing is going to end. Right? I mean, I won’t have a period for the rest of my life, right? I plan on living until I’m 120, and 60 more years of this shit is just not on.

I averaged 11.8K steps per day last week. Over 10K per day five days. One of the less than 10K days was 9841 steps. So yeah. Lots of exercise last week. Again, why I’m not paying that much attention to a slight bump in my weight because I know it’s just hormones and water retention, not actual weight gain.

I wrote 14K words last week. Of course, not as many as I’d wanted. However, between meh and life, that’s just what happened.

I was really upset with myself last week. I had felt as though I’d really turned a corner. I was starting to really write again, gaining speed. Did 3000 words a couple of times, with just 2000 one day because I had an early meeting phone call to make.

But that was M-W. Thursday I woke up exhausted. Couldn’t get out of bed. Couldn’t wake all the way back up. Ended up going back to bed at 10 AM. It was just a Meh day. Couldn’t write.

Other things happened as well during the week. But I want to get back into regular word count, writing 3000 words a day on a regular basis. Isn’t happening today – had a party yesterday and I’m still out of it. But I knew that today was going to be a recovery day. Luckily, I have a Medium article to write, and I can manage non-fiction. Plus I have a newsletter to write as well.

So I’ll get in my words today. Tomorrow. I can get back to the novel. I have hopes of being able to finish it before the end of the month. We’ll see. If I don’t finish before the end of the month, it shouldn’t be too much into the next month before I am done.

There’s other stuff going on, but none of it’s ready for prime time yet. I’m busy, I’m happy, and I’ve found my productivity again. Summer’s here – I’m working in the yard almost every day. Kind of crazy busy, but it’s good.

So how are you? How are you doing? Anything in particular that you’re working on?

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