So it Starts. Again.

Period started again this morning. Grrrrr. I’d really, really hoped that it would be finished. But no.

Had a horrible headache last night. Not a migraine, but migraine levels of pain. The reason why it wasn’t a migraine is because there were no secondary symptoms – lights weren’t stabby, I didn’t have horrible ringing in my ears, etc. I had thought that the headache came from getting too hot while mowing yesterday. Now, I’m wondering if it was also hormones.

It has been 54 days since my last period. If I’m counting a 28 day cycle, that’s two days shy of a two period cycle.

For those of you playing along at home, a woman has two ovaries. They each produce chemicals and hormones. If you’re balanced, periods tend to be similar. If you have some sort of unbalance, like me, your periods are different. I’ve had to track every other period for the last couple of years.

What I’m hoping is that one ovary has decided that it’s done, while the other is still trying to carry on, and that it will be done soon as well.

We’ll see what happens next month.

Today, I’m a little bleary. Unsure if I should be handling sharp objects or not. I have a bunch of editing to do, so will try to get to that today.

Hope your weekend is going well!

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