And it’s going to be yet another gorgeous day outside. Yay!

Today I’ll mow. And spend some time working on the patio. Don’t really have time to do a lot of weeding, but that’s kind of next on the list. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but be pretty nice all of next week.

So far, June has been what we call “Junuary” in the PNW. Lots of cold and rain. It would be really nice to have a week or so of sun.

Physically, I feel pretty good, even with all the hard labor I’m doing. It’s nice to know that though I will exhaust myself, I can bounce back pretty quickly. I don’t take that for granted.

I do a lot of things for myself in order to ensure that I’m bouncing back. I eat well, I take good supplements, and if I’m really hurting, a long soak in the tub with Epson Salts.

I used my hands a lot yesterday, because I had to sweep the patio clean of all the bonding sand I’d used for the joints between the bricks. I did a cold-hot treatment to help them feel better. They’re stiff this morning, but I can still type.

My knee has recovered from my latest injury. I’ve been doing my exercises every day. I’ve also been using it a lot. I have to be careful, and not push too much. But honestly, it’s so much better.

At least until the next time I injure it. (^_^)

The other thing I’ve discovered recently – pink noise. THere’s evidently white noise, brown noise, and pink noise. I’ve been using pink noise for a couple of days to help me sleep. The jury is still out on whether it’s being effective or not. However, for the last couple of nights, I feel as though I’ve gotten more restful sleep, as I’m waking up more easily and feeling more awake first thing.

Then again, that could be the hormones, which have finally settled down. I’m feeling like myself again, writing, concentrating, etc. It’s awfully nice.

I think that’s it from me this morning, just a random check in. Any big plans for the weekend? I plan on finishing the patio, possibly finishing the top of the quilt I’ve been working on for a while now, as well as start the next novel. (“The Allied War” – which is SF, a continuation of the Labors of Darius.)