Monday was somewhere between a Meh day and a Bad day. It actually started Sunday night, around 8 PM. Could feel the clouds coming in, my brain shutting down. Monday, I had to drive in the morning, and that used up all my spoons. Otherwise, I might have been able to write a little.

During the day Sunday I was frazzled. I kept trying to pin the feeling on what was happening IRL, but in retrospect, I believe I was having a very, very mild anxiety attack.

I have the lavender to thank for that. Ever since I started taking lavender on a regular basis, I haven’t had a serious anxiety attack due to hormones.

One of the interesting things to note about this Meh day was that it’s the second in a row. What I mean by that is that there was no period in between. No menstruation.

Is there finally an end in sight? I can only hope.

Eighteen days between the pair of bad days. (I had originally thought it was twenty-eight days, but when I checked, I realized it was only eighteen.)

Why is this number significant?

Since 2015, I have never had good weeks. Plural. The longest I’ve gone without having some sort of bad day is twelve days.

This is why I can’t trust my health. I can’t trust that I’ll be well for long enough to actually make progress when it comes to lifting weights or walking or what have you. I’m still writing. That is my priority. But there’s a reason why I say that I have a chronic health condition. This has been my reality for five years.

Eighteen days.

Here’s hoping that the next eighteen, or even twenty, go smoothly.

How are you doing this morning? I hope that y’all are safe and well. Or if you’re putting yourself in harms way for the rest of us, that you’re taking precautions.