I did lose weight last week. I had thought I did, based on how my body felt. I was actually a little surprised that no weight loss showed up the week before. Downward progress is always a good thing.

I averaged 9.6K steps per day last week, which honestly surprised me. I didn’t walk much on either Saturday or Sunday, for different reasons, though.

Both Blaze and I took Saturday *off*. Wrote a little, did a few things, but for the most part, just relaxed. It was also pissing down rain most of the day. When it’s normal rain, I’ll walk. But it was coming down in buckets. So few steps that day.

Sunday, I twisted my knee while we were walking. It’s pretty sore and swollen. Iced it, and stayed off of it for most of Sunday. Today will be more of the same. I will go walk once an hour today, as dictated by the Tyrant of Movement AKA my Fitbit. (I stopped walking every hour yesterday after I hurt my knee.) So I don’t know what my average will be for steps this week, but I’ll be okay if it’s low, as I need to baby my knee.

I wrote over 10K last week. YAY! My word count for May was 45K. I’m really pleased with that. It isn’t my usual 50K. But it’s close. I have high hopes for June, that I’ll get back up to 50K this month.

I’m in the middle of writing a bunch of short stories right now. I’ll finish another one today, then I have four more to write. One of the remaining stories is all laid out in my head. I hope that tomorrow I can both start and finish that story. Another of the remaining ones is an Alvin Goodfellow mystery (my 1930s PI set on the moon). I have much of that in my head, but I’m still figuring out the crime. The other two stories I have no idea what I’m going to write yet. I’ll get there. Neither of them are due for a while, so I may go back to novel writing before I try to tackle either of the remaining stories.

I’m not sure what novel I’ll write next. As you may or may not have seen, I have a cozy mystery novel up for pre-order. (The Purloined Letter Opener) I’d like to write the next on of those. However, they’re set in current dy. Those are difficult to write when I have no idea what “normal” looks like. And I’m not sure I want to deal with COVID in a cozy.

The other mystery series that will go up for pre-order this week is my hard-boiled detective series, Halley Brown. (I have finished two of those novels so far.) Again, while I have ideas for the next novel, they’re set in modern day, and I’m not sure I want to set a novel in the middle of a pandemic. And also, riots.

Which means focusing on fantasy or science fiction. I want to write the next Huli Intergalactic book. Maybe I’ll do that. Don’t know yet.

What are you working on? Any projects you’ve put to the side but will get back to?

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