Accountability Jun 29

I have neither gained or lost weight, not really. We’ll see next week if I’ve actually lost some. But I am taking a stable amount as a win.

I did not write much last week. Ashamed to say that it was barely 1600 words for the week. Ugh. Not sure if this week will be much better. (More below.)

I did do a lot of physical activity last week. Went over 10K four days, so ended up with an average of 10.4K per day.

Part of last week’s problem, that will be continuing for the next week or so, is that I have an infected tooth. It’s a molar, the last tooth on a side, and it has a root canal on it already. I’ve managed to crack what remained of the organic tooth.

They can’t save the tooth, unfortunately. So I’m getting it pulled this week. Am on antibiotics to help reduce the infection, and also to help with any infection that may occur at the extraction site after the procedure.

The surgery is on Wednesday, early in the morning. So no writing that day. No writing this morning due to Life. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some done. But that might really be it.

Due to needing to take antibiotics and how they effect my system, I made some yogurt this weekend. Those of you who have tried my yogurt before know what I mean when I say, “Holy crap is that good!”

In summer, when it’s warm, I have smoothies for lunch instead of a huge salad. So it’s been a while since I made yogurt. It tastes divine at this point. I’m happy I started making it again.

Since I won’t be able to have a lot of solid food for the next week or so, I’m also making myself chicken soup. I still have my bone broth, which I’ll drink every morning, but that’s different. With the chicken soup, I’ll keep the meat in with the broth, as well as some mush vegetables. And I have kelp noodles that I can add.

This next week, I’m changing my diet around a lot. I’m making myself eat something for breakfast, so that I can take an antibiotic early in the morning. I’m switching to smoothies instead of salads. Etc. We’ll see what happens with my weight, as I’ll be eating less, but possibly also walking around less.

And we’ll also see what happens with the writing. It might be another week or so before I start in on the next novel. I kept thinking I was going to write the continuation of the Labors of Darius, but this morning, I’m just not sure. May go back to the epic fantasy instead just to finish that off, as I do want to publish that entire trilogy this year.

*le sigh*

How are y’all doing? Anything big that you’re gearing up for?

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