Woke up with a pretty bad migraine this morning. I figure it’s the emotional and physical stress from last week catching up with me. Plus, working outside in all that heat, and possibly slightly dehydrated.

I averaged well over 11K steps per day last week, even though I had one day where I only walked 7K. I did a lot of mowing and yard work. My poor Fitbit can’t figure out what mowing is. It currently has decided that I must be riding an outdoor bike when I mow. Makes me giggle.

No brain this morning with the migraine, so no writing. Couldn’t even put up a blog post. Migraine is over now, so am going to do some publishing things this afternoon. However, I am not mowing (even though the upper meadow really needs it!) I am not pushing today. Might not even get in 5K steps. And I’m okay with that.

I have been doing better with the writing. Was making serious progress on the novel. Not so much today. Am hoping to be able to pick it back up tomorrow. Will have another post on my changing mindset later.

It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow. Kind of looking forward to that. The weather has finally taken a turn toward cool again. Just lovely right now.

When it’s raining, will start sewing on the new quilt again. Was making really good progress on it before it got nice out. (^_^)

I made rhubarb sauce this weekend. Basically, melt butter. Add finely chopped pieces of rhubarb and melt down. Add maple syrup and vanilla. It’s tart and lovely and reminds me of my childhood.

Before, I would make this and serve it over ice cream. Now, I made a lovely toasted nuts crunchy topping that I sprinkle over it. Yum.

Last week, when we went out for coconut milk at one of our local Asian grocery stores, we found duck bacon. (DUCK BACON!!!) We’re cooking that up tonight, to put on hamburgers. Will let you know what it’s like.

I have SO MANY BIRDS at my feeders right now. Have to fill them every other day at this point. Tons of goldfinches, pine siskin, grossbeaks, towhees, house finches, purple finches, chickadees, nuthatches, sparrows, northern flickers, both hairy and downy woodpeckers, and that’s all I’ve seen this afternoon…surely there will be more later. Will have to post the picture I took where you can see half a dozen gold finches on the feeder.

I hope that you’re being gentle with yourself. It’s hard and scary sometimes. What sort of self-care have you done lately?