I didn’t lose any weight last week. I didn’t gain any either, and I take that as a win because I was afraid that I’d gained some.

I got four days of over 10K steps this week. My daily average is over 9K. Again, a win.

I finished the novel I’d been working on last week. It’s the second book of a dark epic fantasy. I think it’s a trilogy. We’ll see what happens when I get to writing the next book. Book one came in at 48K, book two came in at 49K.

I wrote a short story yesterday. Technically, it’s flash, as it was only 1400 words. Today I start a new short story. We’ll see how far I get on it.

I am more convinced that whatever it was that I had in April was COVID. It took me about a month to be able to write – I mean, REALLY write, for writing flow to return on a regular basis.

In addition, in took about a month for the Hungarian to come back. Let me expand on that.

I’ve been speaking Hungarian every day, doing my Duolingo lessons. But that was all I was doing. I wasn’t thinking about Hungarian at any other time. I wasn’t translating what ever it was I was currently doing into Hungarian, to see if I could.

That came back this last week, kind of like the writing did. Suddenly, I’m thinking in Hungarian again. This weekend, I said something was, “Nagyon yummy” – Nagyon being Hungarian for “very.”

There are lots of reports of people not recovering from COVID for months. One of the major symptom is brain fog.

Mine was very minor. I did but didn’t notice it. I kept saying that Hungarian was really hard, that I was in a really hard section. It still isn’t easy, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as it had been, say, a week ago or so.

Insidiously subtle side effects.

One other thing – I bought myself a mini 4″ waffle maker. As you may or may not recall, I cannot do eggs. A lot of keto breads rely heavily on eggs, and the fake eggs just can’t cut it.

However, there’s this thing called a “Chaffle” – basically, it’s a keto, cheesy waffle. I use almond flour, home made baking powder, fake cheese shreds and fake egg. Mix those together, cook in the waffle maker, and ta dah! I have a bread-like substance. It’s sturdy enough that I can put stuff on it and use it like a bun. 

I made a larger batch so I could use a blender to break up the cheese shreds, and make fluffier chaffles. They’re pretty bland, but then with toppings I can make them sweet or savory.

Last night, I heated one up in the oven, then added chicken, cheese, and sprinkled some garlic on it. OMG was it good. It was an open-faced sandwich like thing. I haven’t been able to have something like that in years.

It comes out to about 2g of carbs per chaffle. If you’re doing keto, particularly if you can’t do eggs, I’d recommend it.

What new gadget has come your way recently? I have only used it a couple of times but I love my new mini waffle maker. I got it in red, of course. Red ones go faster.