Accountability May 18

I haven’t lost any weight. I haven’t gained any either. Still taking that as a big win.

Am really leaning into the “intermittent” part of intermittent fasting. Generally, I don’t eat breakfast. But on the mornings after a lot of exercise, eating something earlier in the morning has turned out to be a Good Thing. For example, I walked 16K steps one day last week. The following morning, I ate breakfast.

I figure doing that much exercise puts my body under stress. I need to continue to monitor my stress levels and not get overly stressed.

I only had three days of over 10K steps last week. However, my daily average was over 10K. I figure that’s good enough.

If I’m being honest, last week was the first week since I got sick in March when I was fully “back” in terms of the writing. I did 12K words last week. That does not include the 3K words of Medium articles I wrote. (I don’t count those until I actually publish the article.) So I did 15K last week, realistically speaking.

That also is good enough.

I find myself saying that a lot during these pandemic times. I am not pushing myself as much as I generally do. I’m taking a lot more time off, playing games on my phone, etc. I’m also doing a lot of yard work. And yesterday, I took the afternoon and sewed. (Still putting together the new quilt.)

It means I feel as though I’m behind on everything. Probably am. I’ve really focused on those things that are most important. I continue to get things done. Just much more slowly than before.

It frustrates me sometimes, as our day-to-day life hasn’t changed that much from pre-pandemic times. Emotionally, though, I know that things have changed. The world has changed. WA State is now requiring masks in public places, though they’re only enforcing it on public transportation.

I’m already wearing a mask when I go shopping, which is in a closed in space with other people. I also, however, sometimes drive into town and walk around the parking lot of the library while I’m talking on the phone. I do that without a mask.

I figured I can continue to do that. The parking lot is empty. It isn’t as if I’m on a trail and passing other people. But I might bring a mask with me, and be prepared to slip it on if there is someone else there.

These accountability posts have been a good way for me to reflect on the past week, look at what I’m doing, what I’ve done well at, what I should improve on. How do you hold yourself accountable?

And speaking of such, the Write Stuff 2020 writing bundle is still available! But only for a limited time. Go and grab yours today. Do some more learning.

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