Despite a second night of not great sleep, I’m still feeling better. Enough so, that I’m declaring that I’m finally well again.

I need to rebuild my strength. I’m going to start walking again today. Just a bit, not as much as usual. The key here is to do a little something more each day, instead of just jumping in with both feet and going hog wild.

Not that I would ever do that! No, really!

I figured this would kind of be a recap of what went on this last week.

I started with a horrible headache. Wasn’t until the next day that I realized my chest was constricted. I also tried walking up a hill and quickly ran out of breath. I felt sick and exhausted, without much brain for most of the time.

Day three, in the evening, I finally felt as though I’d turned a corner and my chest started clearing out. Day four, I was still wheezing a bit when I took a deep breath, but was much better. Day four was also the day of naps and sleep. By day five, my chest was clear.

I had a slight bit of a dry cough for the first few days. I never really had a fever. (I recently read a very interesting article written by a healthcare worker who tested positive for COVID who never had a fever. Her primary symptoms were exhaustion and brain fog.)

There was also only one time when I completely lost my sense of smell. It was early on, day two I believe. I harvested some wild oregano for the bone broth I was making. I couldn’t smell it at all. I was crushing fresh leaves in my hand and holding them up to my nose and I couldn’t smell a thing.

It only lasted about thirty minutes. But it was a very, very weird thirty minutes.

So that’s about it! I’m looking forward to recovering. I assure you that I’m still taking it really easy. I do not want to relapse.

I won’t be posting every day now that I’m better. I still won’t be writing fiction – I just don’t have the brain for that yet. Again, I’m hoping that I’ll be well enough to write come Monday.

Stay safe out there. Take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

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