I did not sleep well last night. Stupid allergies. My head is all stuffed up. My face hurts because my sinuses are all clogged up. Grrr.

However. I don’t drink caffeine habitually anymore. I drink it only when I really need it, like this morning. I had a very yummy cup of coffee earlier. I’ve also taken my LCLT. I’m a bit shaky, but I finally feel as though I can put some words down.

I am not writing fiction this morning. My brain is just too tired for that. Instead, I’m going to do some research for a Medium article on sleep, and probably write most of that. I probably won’t post it until next week.

Plus, I’ve pulled out my old notes on that B4B book on author branding. I figure paying a little attention to your brand right now might be the right thing for some people to do.

So…since I’m planning on actually starting this branding book, I figured I would come out and ask people what sort of information would you like to see about branding? Particularly coming from me?

Sections that I currently see:

What is a brand
The different types of brands, such as author vs. book vs. series
Finding your brand – figuring out who you are
Asking other people how they view you and your brand, expectations
Applying your brand to your website, your newsletter, your bio, even every blurb you write

What other things would you like to see? What sorts of questions do you have about brands? In particular, author brands (vs. book or series brands)?

Hope that everyone is well and safe out there. Take care of one another.