Paranoia? Or COVID?

Friday, later in the afternoon, I got hit with a really bad headache that seemed to come out of nowhere.


Do I have IT? Am I sick? Can I still breathe?

My husband says that I’m one of the most stubborn people he knows. I leaned into that stubbornness Friday afternoon. I had a bunch of cleaning that I needed to do in the tiny house, which I finished. I walked 11.5K steps. I made dinner. Didn’t really collapse until later in the evening.

Now, Saturday morning, I am…uncertain.

I’m certainly sick with *something*. I have a headache and a sore throat. I’m tired. I’m slightly congested and regularly sneezing.

I can tell I’m ill. This is not allergies. (Though the sneezing and congestion may just be that.)

I don’t have a fever. I have no shortness of breath. I have a slight cough, again, that might be allergies.

Either I’m asymptotic as fuck, or I am sick with something else.

Fortunately, we have a lot of movies that I can watch today. I have a purring kitty. I have a lovely husband who can help with everything.

Am still trying to figure out a timeline. I came back from Portland 19 days ago, so chances are, that wasn’t it. CDC says it could be 2-14 days after exposure.

About fourteen days ago, we went to the grocery store. We were careful. Used sanitizer before and after, avoided people, etc. Didn’t go out again for seven days, so this past Monday. Got food to go, went to the post office. Tuesday, we went grocery shopping again.

That’s been it.

I don’t have the brain to write fiction this morning. Barely had the brain to write this. Am currently sucking on a zinc tablet, will have tea and really yummy chicken bone broth later. Going to sit and not do much today.

I hope that you are all well and safe.

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