Chances are, I have COVID. However, it is an extremely mild case, if that’s what it is.

Yesterday, when we checked, I was running a very mild fever. In addition, about 24 hours after that initial headache started, my chest grew constricted.

I am not having any difficulty breathing. But when I take a deep breath, I can feel that I’m pushing against something.

Today, my chest is worse. In addition, the cough has gone from dry to wet. But I had no fever this morning – I’d gone back down to my normal temperature.

An aside – my normal temperature is 96.8, NOT 98.6. I’ve always run cooler than the norm. Yesterday, my temperature was 97.7. So about one degree hotter than normal, for me. Very slight. This morning, I was back to 96.8.

I feel worse today. I have less brain. I’m more tired. My chest is more constricted.

I’m sick. But I want to emphasize that I’m just barely sick. Chances are, this is about how bad I’ll be for a couple of weeks.

Take care of one another. Wash your hands.