At this point, I’m 99% certain I have COVID-19, and not anything else. It remains mild.

After a nap yesterday morning, I woke up feeling a lot better. Went outside for a short walk. Instead of just walking around the house (all flat) I decided to walk up to the upper meadow to look at how the transplanted roses were doing.

It is not a steep hill. However, I got hit with shortness of breath after just a few steps.


That was not good.

I am not trying that again for a couple of weeks.

Normally, I do accountability posts on Mondays. Not doing that now. Did get a new scale, which initially showed that I weighed more than the old one said I did. I expected that, as whenever I went into the doctor’s office and stepped on their scale it showed that I weighed more than I did at home.

However, because I’m not hungry, even though I’m not moving much, I appear to have lost weight. Will keep an eye on that, because I do need to eat and keep up my strength.

In that vein – my dearest husband made me bacon-liver pate. I helped, as he’d never made it before. We substituted duck fat for coconut oil, and used a different bacon. Turned out heavenly.

Right now, I mainly just feel sick. I have a sore throat. I have a headache. Sometimes I have a dry cough. I can take a deep breath, but I can tell that it takes more effort. I’m pretty brainless. Really only up for doing one thing at a time.

We did an assessment of our pantry and we will probably need fresh veggies at some point. Our local Safeway delivers, so I think we’ll be okay there. We have enough cat food and bird food. I believe we’re set for the next couple of weeks of lockdown, as it were.

Mornings are always hard for me. They’re particularly hard when I’m sick. Don’t expect me to post early at this point. But I will try to keep posting. I figure the writers want to know what this feels like if nothing else. (^_^)

The last time I was really, really sick was back in 2012. I had the flu. It was awful. Was so sick for a really long time.

While I was so sick, I re-watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies.

So in that tradition, because I’m lacking in brain, I’m going to start that again today.

I hope that all is well and happy in your world. Take care. Wash your hands.