Day Four of COVID

Though technically, this could be day five, given that it was five days ago when I got hit by that really bad headache.

Some people who have had mild cases like this have said that today and tomorrow are possibly going to be the worst of the days.

I believe them.

The good news: Around 8:30 last night I started feeling much better, as if I’d turned a corner on this thing. This morning, I have no fever and my chest no longer feels as constricted as it did.

The bad (?) news: All I want to do today is sleep. It’s 11 AM and I’ve already had two naps. Am likely to type this up and then nap some more. I also have no brain whatsoever. Words are hard.

I have no appetite. I’ve had two cups of tea and am currently drinking a cup of homemade chicken bone broth. (OMG is it yummy.)

Thank you to everyone who’s checked in on me. I appreciate it.

Haven’t started watching LotR yet. Took two naps yesterday instead, and updated my website when I had brain. I’ve been managing to get one publishing thing done every day since I’ve been sick. Not sure I’ll manage anything today, though.

Take care of yourselves. Stay at home. Wash your hands. Be good to each other.

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