TLDR; made my word count for the month. Have averaged 50K per month, so 100K YTD.

Longer Version:

I stopped paying attention to my total word count for the month basically on the tenth or so. I was afraid that it would depress me too much. I was spending too much time editing, going through existing work and layering in setting and opinion.

I was also afraid that it was going to take me longer to write, as I’d have to be spending more time going back through layering in stuff.

I edited two novels and one short story. I feel good about the work I did. Then I wrote four short stories and one failed short story that turned into a novel.

By the time I was writing the last short story, I knew I had found my groove. I believe it has so much setting, opinion, character. I feel as though this was how I used to write, and I’ve found it again.

I honestly didn’t look at my word count total until a couple of days ago. I was pretty impressed with where I was. Yesterday, I started a new short story with the express purpose of getting in 400 more words so I would make my goal.

What February proves to me is the power of just a little bit of writing almost every day. Sure, I had a lot of good days there at the end of the month. But just getting in words consistently does add up.

March, I’m going on a writing retreat. I should have a pretty decent word count month as a result. I’m hoping for 100K in March, but we’ll see how things go.

Woke up this morning with a migraine. Ugh. First one in 123 days. I figure it’s a combination of things – drank a glass of wine last night that I shouldn’t have, am still getting the diet keyed in, and hormones. Not sure if I’m going to be able to write today or not. I’ll try, but today might just be an editing day.

And I think that’s it. How are your writing/art goals going? Are you on track for the year?

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