YAY! I have a new book out! A Wind Blown Torment. It’s the first of a dark epic fantasy trilogy. (Books two and three will be coming out in April and May, respectively.)

I really enjoyed writing these books. I started with the creation myths. We were taking the train from Seattle to LA in December of 2018. I spent a lot of time looking out the window and letting creative brain just play.

As I wrote the creation myths first, I included them as an appendix at the back of all three novels. (There’s a second appendix at the end of the third novel, but more about that later.)

There are three people in this series. None of them are human. I never use the word “human”, or even “man” or “woman”. They are people. They were humanoid. The Wind People looked the most like humans. But they were different beings, and I wanted to subtly underscore that with the language I used.

Sometimes that required rewriting an awkward sentence. I was okay with that work during the editing phase.

One of the other things I really enjoyed about these books was that the Stone People have no gender. (And that becomes a plot point, later.) Instead, I used ze/zir/zirs. That was an interesting exercise. By the third book, I’d gotten pretty well into the habit of using gender neutral pronouns, and it was mostly automatic.

Here’s the blurb:

Ka Lem can take the form of any animal he knows. He chooses the form of a bear for first his soul form, and plans on taking the form of an elk afterward.

But the elk have disappeared, from the land and from his soul. No one can find them.

Unease fills everyone – the Wind, the Stone, and the Sea People.

And fires race across the eastern planes, despite the heavy winter rains.

A Wind Blown Torment – the first book of Forgotten Gods, a new dark epic fantasy trilogy – presents unique magic, fascinating characters, and a heart-stirring conflict.

Be sure to be on the outlook for the next books, A Stone Strewn Clash and A Sea Washed Victory.

So you should go pick up A Wind Blown Torment because it’s now available. And preorder the other ones. I think you’ll enjoy them.

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