I don’t believe I lost any weight this last week. Didn’t gain any either. Figure that’s because of the one day I over ate, and because I didn’t walk enough. Will do better next week.

However, I also need to buy a new scale. As soon you step on the current scale, it goes out of alignment. So I will zero it, step on it, and when I step off, it doesn’t go back to zero, but instead, stops three to five pounds above zero. This means I’m actually not sure that it’s showing me an accurate weight. *le sigh*

Not that many words last week. Finished another short story, then started going through my PI mystery novel. I will be starting the second in that series tomorrow, and I needed to get it back in my head.

Tomorrow I drive down to Portland for a writing marathon. The goals are the same as always – 10K words per day, 10K steps per day. I’ll be writing a mystery novel, involving Halley Brown, my PI. I really like her, and the world, and the new novel. I have written a proposal for it – not really an outline, just vague idea of what the crimes are and how they’ll be solved.

The fun part is that writer brain is all set and ready to go. She keeps popping up with small details about things that will happen in the novel. While I’m driving down, I’ll probably end up taking some notes as well.

I went to see a doctor on Friday about my right knee. I have moderate to severe arthritis. The cartilage has worn down significantly. I’m not bone-on-bone…yet. But that’s probably where it’s heading to.

His only solution was a full knee replacement. I’m not there yet, am not ready for that. Am looking into doing some alternative things instead, like stem cell injections, enriched platelet injections, etc.

The switch over from caffeinated tea to decaf has been pretty successful. I really *like* having a hot beverage in the morning, and not being tied to caffeine makes it much better. I feel as though I have so many more options now! Plus, I’ve been making myself a couple of cups of tea every morning. Yum.

And I think that’s it for me today. I’m kind of all over the place this morning, thinking about packing, what I need to do before I leave, and all the things. There are other posts that I plan on writing later, but for now, this will do.

What new and exciting things do you have planned for the coming week?