Scale finally shows that I lost weight. This doesn’t surprise me. I had thought I’d lost weight last week, but due to screwy hormones, it didn’t actually show up on the scale.

Still not focused on losing weight. However, not going out to eat is probably helping with this. So I’m not going to order take out this week (though I do reserve the right to change my mind.)

I reached 10K steps four days last week. My average remains above 9K. I’m figuring out how to do this, how to maintain this. It will be more difficult come winter, but hopefully by then the gym will be open again.

One of the reasons why I got the Fitbit that I did is because it tracks my heart rate. The last few times I’d gone into the doctor they expressed concern that my blood pressure was a little high. Not scary high. Just slightly elevated. (We may still at some point get a machine for testing my blood pressure at home.)

One of the things I immediately noticed with the Fitbit was that my resting heart rate was high – 78 bpm. According to the internets, that’s still within the range of healthy and normal (80 bpm is considered unhealthy.)

Since I started doing all this walking, my resting heart rate had gone down ten points, to 68 bpm. I take this as a win. Not sure how low it will go. Sitting and breathing in the evenings has really helped this.

I wrote 16K words last week, which I think is awesome, given how many days of meh I had. Baring another freakout, I shouldn’t have more meh days for a while.

A couple months ago, I switched from caffeinated to herbal teas in the morning. I’ve been trying to go through my entire stash before I buy more tea. (Difficult!) What I have bought has been ingredients, not tea.

All my tea is loose-leaf. Therefore, I can mix and match with ease, plus add my own ingredients.

This morning is a lemon rooibos base, that I then added hibiscus, ginger, and dried elderberries to. It has a nice fruit layer on the top, with the lemon underneath. Yum.

I talked to my family on zoom this weekend. It was chaotic but really nice. We’re going to do it again this next weekend. I’ve volunteered to show people my tiny house. Then, possibly the week after that, I’ll join the zoom chat on my phone and take a walk through the woods, show people the property. (Happy to do that with other folks. PM me if you’re interested!)

And I think that’s about it. Kitty insisted on LOTS of pets this morning. (Seriously. She stood in the chair I normally sit in and yelped loudly, wanting me to move from my standing desk to the chair so I could provide for her a lap. And scritches.)

I keep thinking that this is when it’s going to get tougher for people, as the weeks go on and the number of infections (and deaths) continues to increase.

Hold the line. Stay at home. Don’t cheat.

What are you doing to keep yourself entertained?