I haven’t lost any weight. I also haven’t gained any. I’m a bit disappointed in that. However, I also know that my period’s about to start. There’s a good chance that I have lost weight, but I won’t see it until next week.

Saturday turned out to be a meh day. It was bad in that I didn’t really have a lot of brain. It was good in that I still accomplished at least one publishing task, though no writing. While the morning was bad, the meh day was mostly over toward the end of the afternoon. I still shouldn’t have been trusted with sharp objects, but I was able to walk around my usual circuit without panting the last few hours.

This is kind of unheard of for me. Generally a meh day lasts all damned day long. There have been a few times when it’s ended just before I went to bed. That it was over by 4 PM is unheard of.

Staying strictly in ketosis as well as all the walking is really helping.

I’ve been walking around the property a lot. I still have my Fitbit, AKA the tyranny of movement, so I try to walk at least 250 steps every hour, from 9 AM to 8 PM. I’m also trying to get 10K steps in when I can. I was over 10K four days last week, and the three days I didn’t make it, I was over 7K.

One of the things that helps with steps is that I’m spending more time talking with people on the phone. While we’re chatting, I’m walking. Everyday I have a phone call I get in over 10K steps. I’ve also managed to do that without chatting to someone a few days.

The writing is going well, meh days not withstanding. I’ve started a new novel, the second in the Houses of the Dead series. I really like the first book. Some of those chapters feel to me like hard, polished gems. I have been digging the second book as well.

We’re not going out much. I used to go to the grocery store every 2-3 days to buy veggies. Now, I’m trying to get a week’s supply at a time. We also used to walk through the grocery store, go up and down every aisle to get in more steps. Not now. We’re trying to minimize our exposure to other people at all times.

Because my period is looming, I realized that I have anxiety today. Lovely. The good news is that I’ve been taking lavender for it. I used to take extra B vitamins, but that never seemed to do much. The lavender is actually working. The last few times I’ve had anxiety it’s been really mild. I like this. Particularly since there’s a lot going on in the world that could potentially make me anxious.

So what are you doing to keep the anxiety away? I still do yoga every morning and meditate. Plus, in the evenings, I’ve been trying to spend more time concentrating on my breathing and bringing my resting heart rate down.

I hope that each and every one of you is healthy and safe, and not anxious.