Visions of the Future

I’m in a new story bundle! YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY!

I’m really pleased that this novel got accepted for a bundle. Origins: Huli Intergalactic.

See, this novel is a bit different than your normal everyday SF novel.

(Anyone who knows me should be going, “duh” at this point. I don’t tend to write ordinary things.)

First of all, it’s not science fiction. Not really. It’s Science Fantasy. It is hard SF combined with fantasy.

This novel was inspired by the following idea that I came up with a couple of years ago:

In the end, physics fails humankind. The only way to travel the vast distances between the stars is through the use of magic and magical portals.

Next, this novel is composed of five novellas. It’s a single story. Each POV picks up in time after the previous one ended. But it’s five distinct voices. I had a lot of fun with that.

Another reason why I’m pleased that “Origins” is in this story bundle – the “sequel”, as it were, is coming out next month. “The Strawberry Girl.” It’s another Huli Intergalactic story. The sequel takes place a couple thousand years in the future, on a planet with aliens.

“The Strawberry Girl” is more urban fantasy with an SF twist, as opposed to the hard science fantasy of “Origins”.

So pick up your copy of the bundle today! Then go ahead and preorder “The Strawberry Girl.”

Fair warning – I hope to do a BOGO mid-way through the bundle run. I am not promising anything. Sometimes life gets in the way. But there might be more goodies available if you buy the full bundle.

Enjoy! Links below.

The Strawberry Girl

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