This, That, and The Other

In December and January, as well as other months in 2019, my meh days had a very obvious pattern. I would have a bad day, followed by an okay to good day, followed by another meh day, for six days, so three meh days interspersed with three good enough days, followed by a series of great days until my period.

I’ve been pretty hard core keto the last few weeks, plus I’m walking a lot more. I’d hoped this would mean the next meh day would be barely noticeable.

That wasn’t the case. Last Friday was a pretty bad meh day. Physically I was better. Mentally I was really bad.

However. Sunday, though not sleeping the night before made it difficult to judge, I think it was a meh day, and would have been pretty bad whether I’d gotten sleep or not. Monday was another meh day. Tuesday was good enough, and Wednesday turned out to be great.

What I want to emphasize though is that the meh days weren’t really meh days. They were much closer to good days. I was functional and I got a lot done. Instead of seriously going down, I was merely okay.

As this is the first time, I don’t have enough evidence to say that the exercise and hard core keto have made a change to my meh days. However, if this is the new pattern, I’m okay with that. A single bad day with some okay to good days is much better than bad days.

Today is a coffee shop day. Partly because I really need to focus, but also partly because I realized that frequently on coffee shop days I journal. I’ve finally come to realize that when I really want to go to a coffee shop, what I actually want to do is to journal for a while.

Yesterday, finished one of the short stories that’s due March 1. Will be starting the next one today. Don’t really have a good idea yet, which is also why I want to go to a coffee shop – to handwrite and brain storm and come up with a brilliant idea.

I’m much better aligned between the notes on my board and my to do list. I have to remind myself that when those are in line with one another, I feel better about all the things I do. If it’s just on my To Do list, it’s like I don’t get credit for it, despite knowing that it’s the most important thing that I need to do that day.

Two other (related) things and then I’m out of here.

The story bundle Visions of the Future is still going on! It won’t last forever though. Did you realize that Robert Jeschonek’s “In the Empire of the Underpants” is in the bundle? Seriously, the price of the bundle is worth it, just for that story alone.

In addition, if you buy the full bundle, send me an email, Leah AT leahcutter DOT com, and I’ll send you a link to the “Huli Transport Starter Set.” So many more stories! Plus, the first chapter of “The Strawberry Girl” the novel that is coming out tomorrow!

(More info about the Huli Transport Starter Set Here:

So go get your bundle! Send me an email! And then start reading and being entertained.

What bits and bobs are floating to the top of your attention span today?

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