Power started flickering when we stepped into the shower this morning. Fortunately, it went out before we soaped up, so we were able to dry off, get dressed, feed the cat, and go out to breakfast.

However, by the time we came back, there still wasn’t any power. So came back into town, still dressed, (OMG the horrors) and am now working at a Starbucks.

*le sigh*

But I knew that some level of rain was coming, so on Friday we transplanted the roses from their pots into the hill leading down from the upper meadow. I’m hoping that they all take there, and that I end up with this huge hedge of amazing roses.

We got the roses for free from one of our favorite nurseries. They were, quite frankly, sticks, each about a foot long. Some had roots, many of them didn’t.

I divided the sticks up and put them into five pots. Many of the pots had a couple of sticks in them, some had three.

I hoped that at least a couple of the sticks would blossom.

Uhmmm, yeah.

I think all but one or two of the sticks not only had leaves but also flowered, these amazing white beautifully scented roses. All of the sticks doubled in height, the ones in the bigger pots tippled. Instead of sticks, they’re now all at least an inch thick.

So I have hopes that they’ll take over. We’ll see. We had to fence them off from the deer and the elk, because roses are one of those plants that the critters love. Or at least our asshole deer. I had one of the pots of roses next to the tiny house for a while, and the tips of it kept getting eaten off.

I’ve finished the two stories I needed to write this week. Today, I’m going to go through them, clean them up, and send them to my first reader. Plus incorporate first reader comments on two other short stories.

Monday, I was planning on starting the next novel. However, the timing kind of sucks. I wouldn’t be able to finish the novel before the writing marathon I’m going to in March.

So instead, I’m going to start on a short novel, probably only 30K words, which I think I can finish as I already have some of it written. (It was a story that I did for the SF workshop that didn’t work. It really needs to be 20-30k words. I’m going to redraft it, and let the story be the length that it wants to be instead of cutting it off.)

And I think that’s it. Time to get to the fiction. Feel like today is one of those here’s what we planned, now change those plans. Change them again. Oh, yeah, that isn’t going to work. Make another adjustment.

Have you been having to make a lot of changes recently? Have you been able to do it with grace or with a lot of stuttering? I feel as though despite being disappointed, I’m shifting fairly well.

And yes, BTW, there’s still this story bundle that I’m in. Visions of the Future. Today (Sunday Feb 23) is the last day of the BOGO offer. And the bundle itself will be finished this week. So get your copy today!

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