Workshop Recovery

I was at the SF workshop in Las Vegas this last week. Lot of work. Lot of fun. It was great seeing all the people at the workshop. I learned a lot, and I believe that I learned some things that were critical to improving my writing. I’ll be working on those, will talk about them in a different post.

However, Las Vegas is not my favorite place. It’s loud and smoky. I stayed in the Rush Tower at the Golden Nugget casino, which was where the workshop was held.

The Rush Tower is fairly new, and it is considerably nicer than the Carson Tower. It is also more expensive. Blaze and I approached this workshop as an investment in my writing, and I’m glad we spent the money.

These workshops are hard on me, physically and emotionally. I did a few things really right this time though in terms of my health.

Every morning I walked down to the Walgreens at the end of the Fremont Experience and bought a bottle of kombucha. I drank it slowly over the course of the day. As a result, even though I wasn’t eating as healthily as I generally do, my gut has already settled back down into normal as of this morning.

Which quite frankly, is kind of amazing.

Particularly since my period started the last day of the workshop. Ugh. I was so tired.

But I also had my “little white powder” as it were – the LCLT. By taking that, I was able to function for most of the day. Kind of awesome.

My knee was unhappy for a lot of the time while I was in Vegas. I wore my brace consistently, which was good. I also walked. A lot. My PT said that walking was actually good exercise for my knee. This time, I think it was. So that was another health thing that I did right – walked.

I tried to sleep. I was successful almost every night. The one night I couldn’t sleep wasn’t due to me, but to the stupid concert going on outside until 1 AM. And of course I woke up at 5 AM, as I had been. Rested in bed until 6 but then got up.

Oh! And I also only had a bad headache a couple of times, but no migraines. I could tell that the headaches were thinking about transmuting into migraines, but I did all the right things so they didn’t (lots of meditation and deep breathing).

The one health thing that I really screwed up on was that I got severely dehydrated. I’m still recovering from that. I was drinking enough water. I was missing electrolytes – not sure which one. I added salt to everything. I was taking my potassium, and I had upped the amount while I was in Vegas.

None of that was enough.

Next time I travel, I will have some sort of electrolyte powder with me to add to my water because damn. That was bad. My hands dried out to the point that it still looks as though I have a rash on my fingers because my skin got so dry. I have old people’s hands right now.

But I’m home. And I’m recovering quickly. Much faster than I ever have before, quite frankly. I’m mostly better today. By tomorrow, I’ll be 100%. (Which is good as I have a party on Saturday!)

So while I was worried about my health, and physically being able to do a workshop, I’m much more resilient than I have been. All of this is good.

What is the toughest thing that you’ve been through recently? Physically, not necessarily emotionally.

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