Gained a little weight last week. Not surprising given what I ate and how little I exercised. Am hoping that this week is better.

Last week, I had four bad days and only three good days. Today marks the fourth good day in a row. Though I had planned on going to the gym four days last week, I only got there twice.

We’ll see what happens this week. The snow is already coming down pretty hard. I left my truck at the bottom of the driveway so we hopefully won’t be snowed in.

One of the things I’ve always said is that if my body is moving, the words are flowing. My body hasn’t been moving this week. I figure that’s part of the reason why I’m not making as much forward progress in the novel as I’d like. I keep taking wrong turns. Fortunately, I should finish this novel in the next couple of days, then will focus on writing short fiction for a while. Then it’s the SF workshop, then recovery. Then I’ll start a new novel. Not sure which one, possibly the next cozy mystery.

If I could fix one thing at this point it would be my sleep. I think if I could sleep better, I could perform better. Am going to make an appointment with my general doctor this week. Will put it on the list to ask her about that. (Really, waking up at 4 AM with my heart pounding due to stupid hormones makes me feel somewhat helpless at this point.)

This week, I am doing taxes. Once those are finished, I’m installing Woocommerce on our websites. We plan on selling a few properties exclusively on our websites. More on that later.

Last week, when I brought Kiera over here to the tiny house, she was SO happy. She purred and purred and purred. I could hear her rumbling all the way across the room. Mind you, it is a tiny house. She was still pretty loud.

I figured it was because she’d been at the main house for a LONG time, practically forever in kitty years. She’d forgotten the tiny house. However, the same thing happened this morning. I think she’s happy to be here. The snow does freak her out though. She just sits at the door and watches it come down.

It always takes me a while to get going on Mondays. I’m moving households. Need to pack up stuff to take between one house and the other. I am admittedly pretty distracted by the snow right now. But I think I’m ready to switch gears and go write some fiction.

How is your Monday going? Do you have problems starting a new week?