I started following the Paleo diet back in 2009, so ten years ago.

Before then, I was constantly congested. I lived on antihistamines and just figured I was allergic to everything out there, something that bloomed every season because I never had an off month. I had between three to four sinus infections every year. Every time I caught a cold there was a good chance that I’d get an infection.

I’d tried going gluten free. That did nothing for me.

Paleo, though, wow. I cut out all grain and sugar and within one week I knew that I’d never go back to my old way of eating. I could suddenly breathe. I had one sinus infection during that first year, primarily caused by flying while I had a cold.

In addition, I hadn’t realized just how systemically inflamed I was until I cut out all the grain. I didn’t lose any weight. I lost four inches off my waist. My fingers reduced and I went down an entire ring size. I wore five-finger shoes, and tell that even my toes shrank.

At first, it was really obvious whenever I got “poisoned” as it were. I’d go out to eat and there would be corn or wheat in a sauce. Twenty minutes later I’d be congested, sneezing, my eyes watering, etc.

This is why I tend to say that I’m allergic to grain. I have a histamine reaction to it. It isn’t just a gut thing. I get congested and it makes me sneeze.

The good news is that my sensitivity to wheat, corn, and rice has definitely diminished. I barely sneeze when I eat any of those. I do still get inflamed. My fingers get all swollen.

I didn’t cut dairy out of my diet until 2017. Though I can tell that I’m no longer as sensitive to it, I have to be really careful about it. Dairy will give me a headache that lasts for 24 hours. As for eggs, again, didn’t cut those out until 2017. As far as I can tell, am still extremely allergic to those. Went out to eat recently and they must have put egg in the burger mix because I broke out in hives.

It’s nice to be able to indulge in grain now and again. I’m sure that if I did it often I’d be right back where I started ten years ago.

This past Saturday I ordered a personal pan pizza. OMG it was so good. I ordered it with cheese only on one half, then picked the meat out of the cheese. Might just order it with no cheese next time, six months from now when I have another craving.

I took antihistamines before I started eating, and took more later that night. I was swollen the next morning. For the most part, it was fine. A long ways from where I used to be.

Next week is Christmas. I’m certain that I’ll be indulging in foods that I don’t normally eat. Will bring a lot of antihistamine with me. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to getting back on my regular diet afterwards.

What are you going to indulge yourself in this holiday? It doesn’t have to be food.

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