Realm of Faerie Bundle Bogo!

I’m part of a new bundle! The Realm of Faerie story bundle, curated by the lovely Jamie Ferguson. 

I don’t have a novel in this bundle, but I do have a short story in one of the collections, Midwinter Fae.

I really like the story in that anthology. Like, REALLY like it. It’s part of the NIMBY universe. 

What is that, you may ask?

Basically, back in the late sixties, the Fairies, Brownies, and Pixies all came out of hiding as part of the Civil Rights movement. Then there were the All Race riots. In the 80s, everyone settled down to make a lot of money.

Now, the fairies (as well as the pixies and brownies) have treaties with the humans. A lot of the human subdivisions are actually time shares. During the day, the humans have access to their gardens and yards. After sundown, they become the land of fae. In exchange, the fairies keep all the wild spaces green and lush. The air is clean. So are the streets. There are no homeless.

It’s not quite a utopia, but it lets me tell quiet tales that are quite silly. 

The reason why it’s called the NIMBY universe, well, that’s part of the first story, “The Fairy Boy-Band”. 

So, what about this BOGO I mentioned earlier?

Send me proof of purchase of the entire Fairy Realms bundle and I’ll send you a link to the collection of all the NIMBY stories!  It’s not available for sale anywhere. This offer is just for this bundle. 

I’ll run this BOGO from today (Monday) through Friday, Nov 29th. Then it will be gone, like fairies in the night.

Go and get your copy of the bundle here!

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