Circle of Water cover


The third book in the Witch’s Progress series, “The Circle of Water,” is now available!

I like this book. I actually kinda dig the entire series.

While I didn’t know any of the particulars of this book before I wrote it, I knew the two primary plot points long before I started it.

I always practice something with every book I write. Sometimes it’s cliffhangers. Frequently it’s making sure that there’s enough opinion in the setting. Maybe it’s writing a character who is so very different than myself. Maybe it’s flow, that is, making sure that I have a mixture of long and luxurious sentences with hard and fast.

This time, I was also practicing across all the books, so it was a series practice. I didn’t want to write three act structure or episodic. Instead, I wanted to make sure that the stakes rose with every single book. First, Tara’s threatened. Then, it’s the community she’s built. Next, in this book, it’s Portland. In the last book, it’s the entire west coast.

I knew what would happen to the Riprap man at the end of this book. Again, wasn’t certain how to do it, but I knew what had to happen. (What happens at the end of book four was completely unexpected. Hadn’t planned that at all. But everyone who’s read the book has said it was cool.)

So, if you’re interested in cool urban fantasy with interesting characters and unique magic, this might be the series for you.

Here’s the blurb:

Tara gets messages from the Riprap man, accusing her of being responsible for any drowning deaths. As if the water spirit she freed has turned deadly.

Tara needs to figure out the common thread between the supposedly accidental deaths. As well as protect herself and her newly formed coven from attack

Tara has no one but her friends and the community for help. Even if that puts them into more danger.

“Circle of Water”–the third book in the new urban fantasy series The Witch’s Progress–takes the reader on a journey through Portland’s past as well as the beings who might inhabit it currently.

Be sure to read all the books in the series, starting with “Circle of Air.”

Available at your favorite retailers!