Circle of Fire Cover

As you may or may not have seen, I’ve been serializing the first book in The Witch’s Progress series, “Circle of Air,” in preparation for the second book coming out, which is “Circle of Fire,” which is now available!

I will leave up the posts for “Circle of Air” for a few more days, then will take it down. The only way you’ll be able to read the book is to buy it. (^_^) It’s available at your favorite retailers.

If you like that, know that not only is book two now available, books three and four will be coming out this year, in November and December. That will complete the series.

What is The Witch’s Progress all about? Here’s the general blurb about the series:

Tara seems like a perfectly normal person. She works two jobs to cover the rent, her boss takes advantage of her good nature, and she constantly studies so she can progress and pass into the next circle of witchcraft.

But a supernatural being takes interest in her, wanting to trap her soul.

A twisted look into the heart of Portland, the secret behind its bridges, and the magical battles that happen even among friends.

It’s pretty straight forward urban fantasy. Well, straight forward for me. (^_^) However, there’s no love interest. Instead, it’s all about building family and community, and finding your place in the world. I really enjoyed writing the series. And I’ve tried (or made) all the teas that Tara enjoys! Plus, I grow a lot of those herbs as well.

Here’s the blurb for Circle of Fire:

Though Tara escaped the Riprap man, she still feels stuck. The equinox approaches. Nightmares stalk her. Her friend Kyle urges her to create her own coven.

But who can she ask? Particularly if anyone she brings in might become a target?

“Circle of Fire”—the second book in the new urban fantasy series The Witch’s Progress—explores the start of community and the beginning of friendships.

Available at your favorite retailers!

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