Stepped on the scale this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’d lost weight this last week.

On the one hand, I had a light version of con-crud. Or I picked up something on the plane flying home. Wasn’t bad, only lasted a couple of days. But I was exhausted for those two days. And I over ate at more than one meal. So I didn’t exercise and I ate a bunch.

On the other hand, I was very conscious about what I ate the rest of the time. I know there were days with a calorie deficit.

I am going to stick to this general plan – be conscious of the food I intake, and hopefully get back to the gym this week. Fingers crossed that the weight continues to go down. 

As for writing, I sat down and plotted out most of the Chameleon book. It keeps doing things I don’t expect. Which is probably a good thing, right?

Originally, I had thought it would be three novels. Then the first piece turned into a 20K word novella. Okay, so maybe it’s three 20 K novellas. Except that part two is probably a 60K novel all on its own.


So possibly instead of a trilogy, this turns into a duology. I’m okay with that. Don’t think my publisher is going to throw too much of a hissy fit over it.

For the last few days, though, I’ve been incorporating Blaze’s comments on my novel, “The Strawberry Girl.” I cried when I finished that book because the ending was so emotional for me. Blaze agrees, and told me that he loves that book. There are things I need to fix, but it’s a powerful book. Which makes me really happy. It’s currently scheduled to be released in February of next year.

Thank you to those who are reading “Circle of Air” over on my website. I see a definite bump in visitors every time I post a new section. (You did know I was serializing a novel over on my website, right? A new section goes up every other day. Also have a page where I put all the previous posts, so you could start now and catch up…)

And I think that’s it from me for today. Have lots of email to catch up with. New processes to put into place. More stuff from NINC to organize and categorize.

Plus, you know, a trip to Guatemala to plan…

Tell me what your day looks like. Me, I’m talking with a dear friend after lunch, probably while in the library parking lot so that I’ll have a good connection. Then working at the library for a while before dinner, then starting to read the next of Blaze’s novels. (!!) But first, finishing the last of the comments for Strawberry Girl.

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