Spent time traveling this week, as well as seeing people. Ended up completely exhausted yesterday. I kept checking in on myself, making sure that it was actually exhaustion and not something to do with my thyroid.

Nope. Just had done too much.

As my husband will attest, I don’t do well with limitations. Particularly physical ones. I was offended that I couldn’t just push through, that I had no brain and pretty much had to take the day off.

Grumble grumble grumble

I’m no longer 23 or some ridiculous age where I could do all the things. I’m older and wiser, but somedays that doesn’t feel like enough compensation for not having as much energy as I once did.

*le sigh*

So no fiction yesterday. I did write up the trip report for traveling down to Lincoln City. It’s over on my Patreon. www.Patreon.com/leah-cutter (You knew that I was doing all travel related things over there, right? Have been sending out postcards, like from Lincoln City, and will send out a second batch when we go to Florida later this month. Plus picked up stickers to send to people…)

Amazon now allows preorders for up to one year out. This has changed my process. We’ve been waiting to release books until we have the entire series ready to go. Now, I’ll put everything up for preorder as soon as it’s ready, add the various links to the books before I post the manuscripts. It’s a nice adjustment. But it does mean more prep work ahead of launching book one.

It kind of feels as though fall is here. Lots of rain, even though there are still things we need to do in the yard. I broke the mower (don’t ask) but it’s been too wet to mow anyway. Need two clear dry days before I mow, after I buy a new mower.

We need to harvest the apples this week, before the rain knocks them all down to the ground. Then decide what we’re doing with them. Some of them will become juice to flavor kombucha and kvass. Some will be dried. Some will be baked. And others will probably be given away.

As fall is here, I’m changing my diet. Made my own stew, something warm to have for lunch, to alternate with salad and smoothies. Though I probably won’t have many smoothies as it gets colder – that’s really much more of a summer meal rather than a winter one. Measured out all the ingredients – it was fewer calories than I’d expected. Probably a good thing, as I’m getting extra calories most every morning, eating the last of the pate.

And I guess that’s it. I have a purring kitty beside me. There will be some fiction, though not a lot today before I go to the writer’s lunch. I’m WAY behind on emails, so will try to get through those this weekend, though I’m not making any promises.

What are you fighting today? Me, I feel like I’m fighting getting older. Somedays I can accept it with more grace. This week? Not so much. (^_^)