My cycle started this morning. It kind of came out of nowhere. At least it waited until we came back from camping. Yay? 

While I’d been expecting it earlier, it’s actually almost exactly 28 days since the last cycle.

Honestly, I’d been hoping that since I just spotted last month that maybe, perhaps, I was approaching the end of this thing. No such luck. *le sigh*

Though I have some brain, I’m pretty braindead this morning. This morning is a morning when I need to be content with 500 words. I still got up and took myself to a coffee shop this morning in the hopes that maybe I can do 1000. We’ll see.

I finished the novel while we were camping. I was having some difficulty figuring out what the ending was. I slowed way down as I pieced it together.

Then I hit the end and burst out into tears. Thinking about it still makes me overly emotional. (Mind you, that I’m having my period isn’t helping.) I’m never sure if any of my work will be as powerful for other people as it is for me. We’ll see. This is a special novel for me. While I love all my novels, this one was really a book of the heart.

Today I’m working on a short story. Cozy dread as we like to call it. It’s that chittering noise that disappears when you turn on the lights, the sensation something is watching you even when you’re completely alone, the chill that races down your spine as if someone has just stepped on your grave…

Yeah, like that.

It’s still raining here. Feels more like October than August. Was lovely last night sitting and doing some work while listening to the rain. With a purring kitty, who was awake almost all night curled up against me and purring. I may need up getting out a roast and making myself stew for the weekend. It’s kind of stew weather, ya know?

What’s your favorite start of fall food?