Yesterday turned out to be a bad day, but that was partially my fault. Though I knew I didn’t have much energy, I still wrote 1500 words while standing first thing in the morning. Then I sat down and took a short break.

When I stood back up, the room spun, and I realized that I had no spoons left. Period. I was done. I listened to podcasts, backed up my computer, and I spoke Hungarian. That was about all the productivity I had in me for the rest of the day. Reading took too much concentration.

I’m hoping that today is a good day. I slept 11 hours last night and I feel much better. I can tell I’m still tired around the edges, though, and words are harder to form than they should be. If today turns out to be a meh day, I’m okay with that, as we don’t have anything planned.

I’m also going to try writing from the tiny house this morning. I am writing a short story, not a novel. Am aiming for 3000 words but we’ll see.

One of the things I really missed by going to coffee shops was drinking my tea, in one of my mugs. The one I’m using today is a big mug with a beautiful griffon carved into it.

Another thing that I really missed going to coffee shops was being able to watch my birds in the morning. There aren’t as many of them now as there were earlier. This is a good thing, meaning that I don’t have to feed the feeders every day! But I still miss having lots and lots of birds all the time at my feeders.

And I missed the quiet. Coffee shops play music and there are other people there, talking. Instead, I hear the wind blowing against the house. I hear the birds tweeting and singing and cackling. I hear the hummingbirds who buzz by the house.

Am looking forward to spending the weekend at the property, getting stuff done out here. Going to spend more time in the box pulling up grass so the strawberries can take over even more territory. The goal is to just have stepping stones and strawberries everywhere. The strawberries seem very happy to do their part. (^_^)

And I guess that’s about it from me today. I hope that each and every one of you is well and happy. Tell me about your recent steps along your journey, what are you doing to make your world a better place.

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