Shifted this forward one day as we’re going camping.

Lost more weight this week. Possibly more than one pound. We’ll see what the scale says next week.


I tried to be a lot more conscious this week. While I still tend to overeat, particularly if I go to a restaurant, I then didn’t eat for the rest of the day (if it was a lunch) or I eat less the next day. Etc.

Plus, I made more of an effort to walk this week. Got to the gym and hit the treadmill a couple of times when I wasn’t going to mow.

The other exciting news…As you may or may not recall, I have problems with my hands falling asleep on a regular basis. Have had this problem off and on for the last several years. It started happening all the time by the end of 2017. Started physical therapy.

Now, almost two years later, my hands are really starting to show improvement. It is not carpal tunnel. Generally, when my hands fall asleep, if I roll my head around, stretch my neck, or roll my shoulders, my hands wake back up. So I’ve had lots of shoulder and neck issues.

The good news is that I finally appear to be really healing. It’s been a really slow process. The fact that my health hasn’t been steady hasn’t helped.

Last night, I mowed for close to two hours. Used to be that every time I used my hands hard, I would put myself into crisis, as it were. Every time I used my hands to do anything afterward, such as wash my hair or do dishes, even pet the kitty, they’d fall asleep.

This morning, my hands are fine. They only fell asleep a little during the night.

In addition to doing a lot (a lot!) of stretching, I just got a new machine, called “Armaid.” OMG. This thing has made a tremendous difference. My masseuse recommended it. It looks funky. It works, though.

My hope is that by the end of September, I’ll finally be finished with PT! Not that I don’t love my physical therapist. She’s AWESOME. But I’d really like to be well.

That’s it from me this morning. I have a kitty asleep in my lap. I think she knows we’re leaving and is freaked out. As soon as I sat down this morning she climbed right up. Poor thing.

What long term project have you been working on? How have you been encouraging yourself to keep going?

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