This and That

I finished novel number 43 last night.

Yeah, I’m pretty boggled at that number as well.

I’ve written six novels this year so far. I’m pretty far behind on my annual word count goal, as this last novel didn’t want to be written quickly. However, even if I don’t make my goal, I’m still going to have a respectable amount of words for the year.

Today I start the new novel, and I’m pretty excited about that. I love that feeling of diving off the cliff and letting my wings form behind me. I’m writing the new novel completely into the dark. I’m still trying to find the name for the character this morning. Once I have that, I may just dive in.

One of the things that happened this week was that ants invaded the tiny house. Ugh. I HATE ANTS. It was so gross.

However, that gave me the opportunity to do a deep clean on the tiny house. Pull everything away from the walls, sweep and clean under it, then spray along the baseboard of the house. I realize that I possibly went a little overboard with everything, making sure that the ants wouldn’t return. Did I mention that I hate ants? The good news is that it is a tiny house. It only took a few hours to really clean everything.

One of the other things that happened this week was that my period came and went. It lasted kinda sorta for one day. I felt pretty meh that day, was really out of it. No brain. No energy. But then I was fine by the next day.

If my period doesn’t actually come back in the next few days, this could be a good sign. It may mean that finally my period is starting to fade away. Fingers crossed that 2019 is actually the year that it finally ends.

While I’d thought that it was actually summer here, it’s raining this morning. Not hard rain, just a quiet misting. It’s so peaceful here out on the property. I do love it here, ants and critters not withstanding.

Today will be a busy day. Lots to do. Still going to curl up with the kitty for a while before starting my day.

Hope that your Saturday is going to be awesome! What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

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