New Bundle! Sorcery and Steam!

I am in a new bundle! Sorcery and Steam!

It actually means a LOT to me for this novel to be included in this bundle. Dean and Kris were the reason why I wrote the novel, “The Clockwork Fairy Kingdom,” in the first place. They’re in the dedication. They’re why I’m here in the first place. They gave me this second chance at writing.

Back in 2009, I took the one (and I believe only) in person cliffhangers workshop from Dean. It was the first time I’d been in Lincoln City, first time I’d met Dean and Kris.

Dean told me I didn’t have to rewrite any more, that I was actually hurting myself by doing all that rewriting. That it was not only okay that I was a fast writer, but that it was a GOOD thing. That I needed to practice a technique with every project. Etc.

I was so inspired by that workshop and by Dean and Kris that I came home and I wrote Clockwork. It’s about 60K words, and I did it in six weeks. Now, I was handwriting everything at that point still, so I wrote the entire novel out by hand then typed it up. It was an amazing experience. So freeing.

At that time, I was still sending stuff to traditional publishers. I put together a package and emailed it off to five editors on a Saturday night. Monday morning I had two requests for the full manuscript.

As it was eventually rejected, I published it myself in 2011. And it hit #11 on the Amazon Fantasy charts.

This was the tail end of the gold rush. I doubt it would hit that hard today. But it might. It’s a good novel. A good story. I was practicing cliffhangers throughout. I still get emails from fans about this novel.

Now, for Dean to come and ask me to include this novel in a bundle makes me feel as if it’s come full circle. I am so pleased and thrilled by it all.

I think you will be as well. There are five exclusive books in this bundle, that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, we’re supporting a good charity – Able Gamers, a group that helps people with disabilities be able to play video games.

Like many good things, though, this bundle will only be here for a short while. Be sure to pick up your copy today! (And yes, I’ll probably be running a BOGO later as well.)

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