Didn’t lose any weight this last week. May have gained a pound, but I’m not going to say that officially until next week and I see where my weight is at.

I try to make conscious decisions about weight and diet. This time, I much more “fell off the wagon.” I stopped tracking my food as well, and then this weekend, while camping, I ate and drank too much. Plus, when I realized that I wasn’t doing well, I just said, “Fuck it” and ate more.

*le sigh*

Today I start tracking again. Get myself back on the program. There’s a part of me that’s seriously whining and complaining about this. I’m tired of tracking my food, of being on a diet. I’m trying to remember just how nice it felt those weeks that I was losing weight.

I did get a lot of editing and writing done this weekend. I got caught up on a couple of projects. Plus, ya know, camping with friends.

Before I left, I harvested a bunch of mint and hung it on my kitchen rack/shelves. It was hot this weekend, and much of it has dried.

The novel is going well. I think I’ll finish it this week. Then, instead of going back to “Magicless” I’m going to start writing a new novel.

Part of the problem with going back to the previous novel was that while on the one hand, I was still creating and exploring a new world, on the other hand, I already had so much backstory and world built. I was, but was not, writing into the darkness.

The mystery I’m writing had a novel synopsis already done. I knew the plot. It was new characters, new setting, new series, new genre for me, but I knew the story. I’m really glad that I had the novel synopsis done. I will probably write one for book two before I start that.

So in addition to flipping between light, fluffy books and dark, heavy ones, I also need to jump between completely writing into the darkness and following a vague outline.

I know so little about the next book that I’m starting. I know that it is a Huli Transport story, set centuries into the future, so they’re on a foreign planet. I’m doing that because I want to set a story in Hong Kong, but I can’t use modern day Hong Kong – it’s too fraught with political turmoil at this point. So I’ll transport Hong Kong to the future, and make it my own. And she’s a messenger. Is she dealing with gods or aliens? What’s the difference at that point?

But that’s all that I know about the story. Really, just writing it into the dark. So looking forward to that!

And I have more Thoughts on Branding that I’m sure I’ll get to later.

How about you? What projects are you working on this week? Any deep thoughts you want to share?