As predicted last week, the scale says that I lost more than one pound this week. I know that what happened was that I lost weight two weeks ago, but because I weighed myself during my period, that weight loss didn’t show up.

So – YAY!

I have at least five more pounds to lose, possibly six. We’ll see what I feel like at the end of this journey.

I still have mornings when I wake up hungry, like this morning, though I ate plenty yesterday and I didn’t burn many calories. I’m fasting this morning, just having my tea (Assam with cacao nibs and apple mint). If I’m still hungry later on, I’ll have a snack.

This weekend I went on a road trip with my friend. It was primarily for research for the novel I’m currently writing. We had a blast. But part of the problem with traveling, for me, is that I don’t get enough fat.

Most people believe that fat is BAD. So in restaurants, even with fatty cuts of meat they’ll trim most of the fat away.

However, when I’m doing hardcore keto, I’m supposed to get 70% of my calories from fat. I figure that’s why I’m hungry this morning – I haven’t had enough fat the last few days and I need more today.

Yesterday was also lovely, very low key. A day of recovery for me. And the kitty. I believe she missed me, because as soon as I sat down she was RIGHT THERE, demanding pets. As well as a lap.

As of last October, my cat NEVER sat in my lap. I could have counted the times she wanted to sit on my lap with the fingers of one hand.

Yesterday, she spent close to five hours in my lap. In between naps, she was constantly purring. I would get up for a break and she wouldn’t move from the couch. Instead, she’d wait until I got back, then would settle right back into my lap. She has never done this before. It was kind of nice. Also kind of a pain, trying to work around her.

However, I added about 500 words, layering in setting details to the novel yesterday, and will do more today. As well as add more words. My hope is that the novel will finally start flowing and be easier to write, now that I have a much better idea of the environment around the B&B, and what it looks like.

What are you working on this week? Doesn’t have to be writing related.